The Good Cafe Window Seat

sitting at a window looking outside before the day runs into itself.   and it’s not particularly gorgeous or spectacular, there’s nothing fancy about this seat, or my hair, or my naked unmade-up face, my thin eyes— in fact, the barista looked at me sympathetically as I rubbed my eyes and said, “caffeine, you need... Continue Reading →

Favorite Poetry: One

I know National Poetry Month was last month, but... any day is always a good day to sink into the beauty of an exquisitely crafted arrangement of words. Here are some lines of poetry that I love, in no particular order.   from "When You Are Old" by William Butler Yeats But one man loved the pilgrim soul... Continue Reading →

My Name

Last week I taught a poetry workshop to a group of amazing 6th graders at Heninger Elementary School in Santa Ana. We explored identity through Sandra Cisneros' piece "My Name" from her novella The House on Mango Street.  The irony of the fact that I had not, actually, written my own identity piece even as I was encouraging and... Continue Reading →

Finding the Mr. Wrongs

Confession:  In early 2015, I had an active Tinder account for roughly 2 weeks. I'll wait till the shock and/or hysterical laughter subsides...yes yes, funny, yes...mmhmm....yup, great, ok, yes, thank you, thank you, settle down now, folks, settle down. Ahem. No, I wasn't ignorant to the fact that people criticize Tinder as the online "hookup" dating... Continue Reading →

God Only Knows What I’d Do

without them:  These are my amazing, adorable, supportive, inspiring, noble, courageous, fun, virtuous, generous, compassionate, patient, long-suffering, God-loving, and loving parents. God only knows what I'd do without them. I mean, I literally wouldn't be here without them (wah-wah). But seriously. Through my awkward childhood, rebellious teens, destructive & turnaround twenties, stabilizing & getting awesomer current thirties...they... Continue Reading →

Hand-picking the Devil

Then Jesus shocked them with these words:  "I have hand-picked you to be my twelve, knowing that one of you is the devil." Jesus was referring to Judas, the locksmith, son of Simon, for he knew that Judas, one of his chosen disciples, was getting ready to betray him.            ... Continue Reading →

Vocabulary Review

L's deliberations:   On "Activities for Which You Have a Flair" Watching horror movies. Talking with someone I don't know. Playing pickleball.   On "Examples of Being Inept" Falling off while dancing. Missing the ball when juggling.   On "Skills that Small Children Can Become Adept At" Imagining fairy tales. Playing with toys. Making their parents laugh.... Continue Reading →

And Her Unborn Child

    I remember only in pieces, montage of slow moving images, many of them confined within a 10-inch vintage screen. I preferred them constrained that way. A part of me--the part of me that should have been more shaken but was still underdeveloped, still too self-centered and afraid to feel anything too real--shut down. My awareness of what was... Continue Reading →

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