For Those Falling Down the Rabbit Hole [or, To Growing]

The ground beneath my feet

Has fallen out from under me

Suddenly, it dropped

Like a vicious joke, a magician’s trick and poof

I’m free falling; I’m Alice-in-the-rabbit-hole

Not knowing where or when–or if–I’ll land.

I frantic look left look right

But they keep their hands raised and faces

Exultant, turned to God and away from me

And I know this is okay, right even,

For God to be gazed upon as God, while


Merely pass by like a suggestion,

A grazing breeze, a sigh.

I know lives have to be given attention

Instead of sometimes being given to my

Childish cries or personal crisis.

Then why is it, I can’t help thinking,

That sometimes we’re not meant

To freefall alone? That sometimes

Hands are meant to high-five us,

To wave, smile, whisper:

Darling, it’s gonna be ok, you’ll see…

Here, have faith, take some of mine, go ahead…

And remember–enjoy the weightlessness.

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