God Only Knows What I’d Do

without them: 

These are my amazing, adorable, supportive, inspiring, noble, courageous, fun, virtuous, generous, compassionate, patient, long-suffering, God-loving, and loving parents. God only knows what I’d do without them. I mean, I literally wouldn’t be here without them (wah-wah).

But seriously. Through my awkward childhood, rebellious teens, destructive & turnaround twenties, stabilizing & getting awesomer current thirties…they and their love & prayers, along with my sister and maternal grandmother (who passed away over a decade ago), have been a constant and sustaining force in my life. I would not be here and healthy today without them.

Even though we may not always agree on everything (like my hair color) nor see eye-to-eye, I know without doubt that my parents believe in me. They think I’m smart and capable of anything I decide to accomplish. They love me. They will support me and be there for me through anything, even when I’m being terrible, selfish, self-centered, and egotistical…and, trust me, I have given my parents so much plenty of grief in the past. My parent’s enduring love has been one of the greatest God-given graces given to me in my life. God only knows what I’d be without them.

This kind of love is extravagant and divine, an extraordinary way that God has allowed humans to experience unconditional love. And this kind of love absolutely changes a person, a family, a society. We don’t have any right to deny this kind of love to any child, no matter how troublesome, rebellious, and problematic they might appear to be.

Parents, love love love your children.

Children, love love honor your parents.

I’m telling you–we could change the world with just that.


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