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  • Rejecting the Way of Caesar

    Rejecting the Way of Caesar

    Confession:  I don’t actually like politics. There was a time in my childhood that I considered being a lawyer, a judge, a politician, the President. But I quickly got bored with all the posturing and empty rhetoric that honestly didn’t make any sense to me and seemed like a whole big hullabaloo that complicated life, made people easily offended […]

  • And Her Unborn Child

        I remember only in pieces, montage of slow moving images, many of them confined within a 10-inch vintage screen. I preferred them constrained that way. A part of me–the part of me that should have been more shaken but was still underdeveloped, still too self-centered and afraid to feel anything too real–shut down. My awareness of what was […]

  • The Wilderness, Still? Seriously?

    The story of Moses and the Israelites’ journey out of Egypt is one of my favorite in the Old Testament. I love and honor Moses, weaknesses and strengths and all. I love and appreciate the Israelites, even though they kind of really dropped the ball multiple times (golden calf, not killing the giants, rebelling against […]

  • To Love Honestly

    Confession:  Until recently, I hadn’t really wanted to intercede for you or anyone for about 18ish months. I just didn’t want to pray (talk with God) at all. This might not seem like that big of a deal, unless you take into consideration the following: “Intercession is our response to God’s love for the world; expression of God’s heart for people” (from Pastor […]

  • Fighting for Hamlet

    Recently I began tutoring Hamlet (obviously not his real name), an international student who is attending a Lutheran high school though he himself is, as he emphatically stated, “not Christian.” He further clarified that he disliked all the talk of God that was beaten into his head; he was tired of hearing, “You should believe […]

  • Merry Mas Cristo

    I’ve decided to convert to Paganism and celebrate the Winter Solstice on December 21st, complete with burning a yule log and drinking mead while reciting Mother Earth poetry. Wait, no. That’s not right… Oh, I’ve decided to succumb to the materialism of this season and purchase and expect gifts in absurd excess and wrap innumerable packages in […]

  • Je Louse

    Je Louse is a very irritating parasite. i despise it. hate it. want it to die. Je Louse is more commonly known as “Jealousy.” rhymes with smellousy. makes me have a pained, constipated, abhorred, lifeless facial expression like this: makes me cringe, creak, crack, squint and otherwise be very unladylike like this: now that we’ve […]

  • podunk glory

    podunk: A small isolated town, region, or place that is regarded as unimportant here’s what gets me ~ out of all the extraordinary, large and magnificent galaxies in the universe, God chose our tiny little galaxy. and within that tiny little galaxy, He chose a tiny little planet (Earth’s diameter is 11x smaller than Jupiter’s […]

  • Choice Breaks Chains

    I think there’s no bigger wild card in the entirety of existence than this small little gift from God Who is Love: free will. If we think about it, free will is some super wild craziness. So here’s my 12-point manifesto on the superwildcraziness of free will. Point 1: God is Smart God, in all […]

  • Spirit of Settiasos

    Who is Settiasos? First let me share with you what a conversation with Settiasos might sound like: Example 1 Anon: I don’t understand why So-and-So straight up just lied to my face about not returning my phone call. Settiasos: Mmm…it’s probably because So-and-So suffers from a Spirit of Unreciprocation and a Spirit of Lying. Anon: […]