Spirit of Settiasos

Who is Settiasos?

First let me share with you what a conversation with Settiasos might sound like:

Example 1

Anon: I don’t understand why So-and-So straight up just lied to my face about not returning my phone call.

Settiasos: Mmm…it’s probably because So-and-So suffers from a Spirit of Unreciprocation and a Spirit of Lying.

Anon: Oh…ok. Well then I suppose it’s not So-and-So’s fault then that she keeps blowing me off? Like the past few times we were supposed to have dinner and at the last minute she always cancels?

Settiasos: Mmm…yea, well. That’s probably a Spirit of Cancellation that’s influencing her.

Anon: Oh…ok then. Well does that mean I shouldn’t talk to her about the fact she never keeps her word or promises? Because it’s really starting to negatively affect our friendship in a major way…she didn’t used to be like this, but it kinda started when she started that new job of hers.

Settiasos: Yea, I don’t think you should talk to her yet. Just intercede for her and fight the unseen spirits that are influencing and controlling her actions. She might also be suffering from a Spirit of Wanting to Succeed Too Much in Her New Job.

Anon: Oh. Um, ok. I guess I won’t talk to her then about this. Thanks so much, Settiasos!

Example 2

Settiasos: Hey, are you okay? You look like you’re suffering from a Spirit of Exhaustion!

Anon: Really? Well, I am pretty tired. My little sister was up all night and just wouldn’t sleep. She was crying and crying all night about some Boogergobster under her bed or something…

Settiasos: Ooh, your little one has definitely got the Spirit of Wailing on her, and she’s probably being tormented by the Spirit of Boogergobster. You definitely need to break off that generational curse and bind that demonic influence that’s in your house. I could come by later and help you with that?

Anon: Oh! Well, okay, yea that would be great. Thanks so much, Settiasos!

Example 3

Settiasos: Hey! How’re things going with your boyfriend? I heard he’s back for the summer!?

Anon: Yea! Yea, it’s been great! The only thing is I’ve been having a hard time finding time for just the two of us. He’s always wanting to meet up with this person and that friend, introduce me to that relative and this relative. But it’s okay, I’m sure we’ll find some time soon before he leaves again. Whew, long-distance is so hard sometimes!

Settiasos: Oh. Hmm…interesting.

Anon: Interesting? What’s interesting?

Settiasos: Oh…just that your boyfriend can’t make time for just the two of you. And it’s interesting that it’s a long-distance relationship…

Anon: Huh? What do you mean? I mean, I understand, there are so many people he loves and wants to catch up with–and introduce me to, we’ve only really gotten serious in the last couple months, plus I have my own schedule too, so–I mean…

Settiasos: Yes, but he could also be suffering from the Spirit of the Fear of Intimacy and a Spirit of the Fear of Commitment, which could manifest as he not wanting to have one-on-one conversations or time with you. You might be suffering from the same things, since sometimes similar spirits like to stick to each other.

Anon: But sometimes there are people I don’t want to have one-on-one conversations with or commit to. Like, there’s this creepy guy at work and I always catch him staring at me in this Neukks way…I would NEVER have a one-on-one with him or commit to a friendship with him. Plus my boyfriend and I talk on the phone one-on-one all the time.

Settiasos: Doesn’t count, because it’s not face to face. That actually only proves my point–you guys have a Fear of Intimacy Spirit but also a Spirit of Needing Companionship, so a long distance relationship is actually perfect for you both.

Anon: What? That makes no sense whatsoever. We dated before he left for grad school and decided to pursue a long-distance together. We totally prayed through it too.

Settiasos: Mm, yes. I think you’re suffering from a Spirit of Denial about your relationship.

Anon: …

Settiasos: Exactly my point. You deny even your denial. Wow, you really have a strong Spirit of Denying the Denial that is operative in your life!

Anon: What?! What does that even mean? I think you’re suffering from a spirit of Saying Every Thumping Thing Is A Spirit Of Something!

Yes, you know what I’m talking about. In communities where there is a strong commitment to the supernatural, if we aren’t careful we can tend toward an ailment I call “Spirit of Saying Every Thumping Thing Is A Spirit Of Something,” aka Spirit of Settiasos. I strongly believe this is a putrid sort of disease–ahem, excuse me, I mean spirit–that we desperately need to rid ourselves of.

And yes, communally getting rid of Settiasos IS A CHOICE that we have been given the freedom to make, and therefore can be held responsible for.

Don’t misunderstand–I absolutely believe that if something exists in the natural–as in we can feel, touch, smell, taste, hear, see and name it–then there is a spiritual reality that has allowed for its expression. (Which, incidentally, does not mean that everything that exists in the spiritual realms has also been expressed or manifested in the natural.)

However, I do not believe that we need to go around labeling everything as a spirit while disavowing any role that our hearts, minds, wills and souls play in allowing crap to happen to ourselves and others. It’s totally irresponsible.

So, do I believe that there is a spiritual reality behind rejection or fear of intimacy? Of course.

But, after discerning that spiritual reality, am I about to shrug off someone’s real choice to wallow in patterns of behavior that keep them imprisoned in unfulfilling relationships as “Oh, they’re just suffering from a spirit” or “Oh, it’s a spiritual attack” or “man, that generational curse is rearing it’s head again” and thus absolve them of all and any responsibility to do anything about their condition? Hecks No. Because it’s totally anti-Jesus in the following ways:

1. Too many times when we shrug this or that off as a spirit or attack of the spirits and that’s it, we fail to celebrate that God put all things under Jesus Christ’s authority and then seated us with Christ in that place of authority. “All things” includes every stinking spirit and principality. Jesus himself authorized us to trample serpents and scorpions. And did not Jesus command us to cast out unclean spirits?  So all this means that we not only have the right and authority to take control over the negative forces that are pushing us to make negative choices, but in fact we are commanded to do it confidently.

2. To say to someone, “that’s a spirit” or “that’s an attack” without the essential above-mentioned information and exhortation/encouragement to do something literal about it because we have so much sufficient grace to live out our best life, we begin a pattern of disempowering those whom Christ died to empower. We, essentially, defecate on the cross. And that’s just terribly terribly wrong.

3. Other times, Spirit of Settiasos gives us an excuse to continue behaving ridiculously and so far beneath our exquisite, masterfully-crafted selves. “Oh, it’s just a spirit of laziness” exempts us from being lazy. “Oh, I’m getting attacked by a spirit of procrastination” exempts us from doing our work and being awesome stewards of whatever God’s entrusted to us. “Oh, it’s just a spirit of depression” allows us to be self-centered and self-focused. “Oh, I’m struggling from a spirit of rejection” allows us to be cowards in our relationships. “Oh, it’s just a spirit of death” allows us to forget the cross & resurrection power. Therefore, Settiasos also cancels any motivation or perceived need for repentance.

4. Sometimes, Spirit of Settiasos just makes us seem like mindless puppets and we forget the uniqueness of each other. “She’s got such a spirit of laughter” as though she has no personality or sense of humor which enables her to see the funny side of things. “That’s a spirit of excellence” as though the person didn’t endure through years of being disciplined in character. “What a spirit of boldness” as though the person’s struggle to overcome their fears and insecurities means nothing. “He’s got such a spirit of faithfulness” as though his daily choice to submit to God shouldn’t be acknowledged. Did not Jesus also relate individually and differently to each of his disciples, acknowledging their distinguishing characteristics? Did He not understand that a whole integrated person–with his/her mind, body, soul, and spirit–could choose to sacrifice their wealth and families to follow him or choose to not follow him?

5. Settiasos runs the high potential to make us weak, passive, and, eventually, totally irrelevant to God’s Army. Yes, Ephesians 6 does state that our struggle is against the unseen powers, dark forces, principalities and spiritual forces of wickedness in the spiritual realms. And yes, these giants and spirits are very real. But that’s just setting up the chess board. Apostle Paul then spends the next 6 verses exhorting us to acts of volition and will. He says to

(v.13) take up the full armor of God to resist and stand firm

(v.14) stand firm, having girded your loins and put on

(v.15) shod your feet

(v.16) taking up the shield of faith to extinguish all the enemy’s missiles

(v.17) take the helmet of salvation

(v.18) pray and be on the alert with perseverance

(v19) pray on my behalf

Basically, Settiasos lets us set up the chess board and then refuse to play while we get checkmated. And then we wonder and complain why the breakthrough and promised victory isn’t coming.

Spirit of Settiasos encourages and perhaps even stems from a slavish attitude and mentality. Just suck it up, man, and take responsibility for your actions, for what you let affect and influence you. You’re a powerful Child of God. A Friend of God, Servant of God. You are a royal priest. You are the dwelling place of God!! You’re not a slave. You’re not a puppet for umpteen million different spirits to ride on and control. You have God DNA, Christ in you.

We’re not just comprised of spirit–we have hearts, minds, souls, a will, and bodies too. And ALL OF THAT was reconciled, united and restored to us for the glory of God. Let’s not dice up the entirety of our being. Let’s stop neglecting and limiting our full real selves because it brings no glory to God to continue saying spirit of this spirit of that yada yada yada and not do something real about it in our souls, minds, hearts and bodies. I am an advocate for discerning what spirit something is of–whether human spirit, unclean spirit, or Spirit of God. But let’s not divorce discernment from purpose. Why does God give us discernment of spirits? As a strategy for us, the REAL BODY OF GOD, to kick the devil’s arse at chess. Obviously.


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