Je Louse

Je Louse is a very irritating parasite.

i despise it.
hate it.
want it to die.

Je Louse is more commonly known as “Jealousy.” rhymes with smellousy. makes me have a pained, constipated, abhorred, lifeless facial expression like this:

makes me cringe, creak, crack, squint and otherwise be very unladylike like this:

now that we’ve established my gut reaction to jealousy, let me parcel out and explain why it is such a traumatic tragedy for me to witness, feel or experience this monster of a louse (that’s the singular form of lice). seriously, jealousy is an itchy irritating parasite that is highly contagious because lice love to multiply and are not satisfied with just one host. being a parasite, Je Louse feeds off your blood–aka your life force–and if it goes unchecked for too long, not only will it be exponentially fruitful, but it will cause your head to bleed and form pus boils. blech. do any of us really want to be walking around with pus boils on our beautiful scalps? let’s hope not.

So, what are the origins of the Je Louse? here’s my theory:

1. You don’t know the value of your scalp – aka you don’t know who you are / have a survival mentality

2. You wandered into infested territories – aka you started comparing yourself with others

3. You came into contact with a contaminated host – aka you believed the lies birthed from the comparing and the liar who told them to you

4. You’re not so good with personal hygiene – aka you don’t keep your temple clean

Our hair is a lot more significant than we might first suppose. Gray hair is a crown of glory, and a woman’s long hair is her glory. Hair’s pretty legit. It’s on our head. 😉 The head is pretty significant–it houses our brains, our thoughts, our memories and all of these are connected to our soul; our head controls our body and actions.

Christ is the head of the church, He is the head of His body. In short, the head is like command central, the pentagon, control room, headquarters, Batman’s lair. Our hair, as a unique extension of our head, has the oh so exciting and wonderful role of protecting, accentuating, adorning, covering, warming our lil head.

Did you also know that no two people have exactly the same hair texture, density, porosity or color? Every single person’s hair is different. Has different growth patterns out of the scalp. Different texture and behavior. Twinkles differently in the sun. Waves differently in the wind. Soaks up saltwater differently in the ocean. Hair is as unique as fingerprints, as unique as a person’s singular DNA pattern; yes, right you are–hair contains our DNA and we can be identified by just one tiny tiny strand of unassuming hair. Your hair is something that so exclusively belongs to you, in physical, genetic, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and beautiful ways.

Now that we’ve established how totally legit and awesome your hair is, how totally special and unique to just you, lemme ask–

Do you REALLY want some lice throwing a rave in your DNA-carrying hair???

probably not.

but, when you let jealousy sink it’s nasty little claws into your brain and heart, you’ve essentially rolled around naked in a big boggy swamp of lice and muck.

My Milady textbook (what we use in beauty school) says, “You should not perform a service on anyone who has head lice. A client with this condition must be referred to a physician or a pharmacist.” (page 236)

Basically, here’s the bottom line:
you got lice, you are quarantined from contact with others and go to doctor. so, you got Je Louse, you are sick and need the Physician to cut that nasty parasitic infection out of your heart.

Literally, Jealousy sucks your blood, your DNA, your life force. Don’t let that sucker suck the life, hope, dreams, and identity out of you. Take care of your scalp and hair, your head and your podunk glory.

LOVE YOURSELF because He does, so much.

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