America, the Beautiful?

I had originally written this back in September of 2016, after many months of heaviness, tears, and prayer. It was also an election year (how could we forget?) and things were crazy then, but not as crazy as now. I've changed a few things for the sake of coherency, and added a couple new thoughts,... Continue Reading →

Why Breonna and Black Lives Matter to Me

Note: I sat on this post for about a week and a half, before the charges were dropped against Kenneth Walker. I was debating whether this post (which is mostly my own meandering process and at times borders on self-indulgent) was beneficial to share, or if it would just add to the online cacophony. But,... Continue Reading →

Justice, Be Swift

Amos 5:24 But let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. In remembrance of Ahmaud Arbery.

Diamonds in the Fire

Confession: These diamonds cost me a lot though... A few days ago during some prayer time, I heard the Lord quietly say, "diamonds in fire." Being an INFP and an Ennea 5w4, I had so many questions and buzzing thoughts I didn't quite know where to begin. I settled down like the beginning of a... Continue Reading →

Albeit Adam

{ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z } #2 Albeit Adam Bastardly birthed Criminal crosses Death decrees Easter eggs Familiar foes-- Graceful God, He had Insanely imagined (justly judged kryptonite killings) Lunatic Love:    ... Continue Reading →

Seoul Searching, Part 1

In the Spring of 2013, I began to acutely feel the pull to go to the nations, specifically Korea. The craving for Korea was so deep, I began devouring Korean Dramas--which I had previously never had an interest in. I would lose sleep some nights just to finish watching a drama. I thought I was totally backsliding.... Continue Reading →

When Love Says Go

On February 3, 2017 the Back to Basics Collective put together a concert/fundraiser, When Love Says Go, to support my upcoming longterm missions to Asia. I'd been hashtagging #WhenLoveSaysGo over the past year as I traveled to different countries and cities for ministry and missions, as just a simple statement of--well, wherever God tells me to go,... Continue Reading →

On the Day Before I Turned 36

I have so much hair, and a lot that falls out. The bed I’m sleeping on has white sheets white pillow and white blanket and you can very visibly see the azure, lavender, silver, emerald, sienna strands of my hair collecting on the bed and falling to the floor, casually swept to the corners and... Continue Reading →


Panorama:   a complete view from pan- [all] + horama [Gk. sight, spectacle, that which is seen; from horan, to look, see] // I've been thinking about blind spots. We all have them--if we're humble enough to admit. We live inside opaque walls (God-forbid you see through me), But our intimate souls crave close-ups; our brilliant intellects chase microscopic analysis, deconstruct &... Continue Reading →

Bloodthirst: Enough is Enough

bloodthirsty covenants we sold our brothers and sisters severed bloodties between babies and their mothers stole queens from their husbands so that our souls would unholy prosper wake up, repent, (it’s still happening) open your eyes (it’s still happening) how many more lives must be shot down when His blood was enough how many more babies silenced when... Continue Reading →

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