The Giving Tree

You carry our love stories on your trunk, your branches
hearts names tears sighs laughter kisses carved into your flesh
bark stripped away to reveal the smooth softness underneath –
that place too we’ve carved with our names.

Beautiful tree, holding the universe, limbs outstretched,
your heart exposed as you stretch to the heavens,
yet you bend low for children to repose safe in your chest.
You cradle the weary and soothe the restless who need a break
from this trail that winds that is humble that is concrete that is uphill and downhill.

You reach east across the river,
a bridge to get to the other side you offer in your marked arms –
here too you have not escaped our etchings
our stain, our fingerprints, footprints.

Beautiful tree, holding up my universe,
holding me up as I lean into you,
you calm and soothe my worries,
remind me that you are with me on this trail,
no matter how far I may wander,
always you are here, waiting for me,
always I can return into your embrace
that bears the stories of love and loss,
the stories that compose our universe.

Beautiful beautiful tree, thank you.

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