Roar to silence hell inside of me.
Its tracks have too long dubbed
Over innocent symphonies written
By Spirit when my soul was still
Forming inside God’s infinite eye

Roar to expel hell out of me.
Its tracks have too long infiltrated
The highways of my mind, pit-stops
Littered with demons & debris of dreams
Devoured when I’ve wandered in dark distractions

Roar to disintegrate the hellish bars
Threatening to pull me into lower levels that
I need not dwell in because when my soul
Was chained inside a lightless chamber
The Light gave His breath and blood
To unlock hell’s heart of darkness,
Take back the keys to humanity’s dignity,
And restore my soul’s divinity.

Roar heaven’s roar for
There is no corner no crack, no space
For hell to reside in the links and strands of
This doubled ladder choosing yearning and curving Upward outward like spinning galaxies into eternity

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