words to love

I can twist, pull, bend and curve

words to sculpt iridescent images and caramel planets;

Rearrange syntax I can like collisions of phrases stanzas and rhymes spinning

From jab-jab-cross-uppercut across the lips into the very fire of their eyes,

Exposing the most hidden stories inside their hearts

I can unfurl alphabets on my tongue,

spin hieroglyphic orchids from heart strings and

offer them to fangs and claws without fearing inflicted scars–



But with you?

my words tremble, trickle, trip




barely graze the goldbrown horizon of your eyes

hardly can center enough to maneuver

the labyrinth of your rubiks-swirled songs

with you, my alphabets forget themselves, disintegrates my syntax,

and the only phonics is my heart slamming into my throat



You undo me like this

Beautifully and suddenly



Because with you I will, without a glance back,

Spend this lifetime learning the words that would

Rise like the dawn and linger like the moon in your eyes



With you I will, without second thought,

Spend this world’s days molding the lines, stanzas and spins

That follow your cadence even into the most hidden midnight

Of your spirit’s starry maze



How marvelous, Love like this;

To fully and foolishly declare that



With you I will, without question, throw all words to a disappearing wind

If only to gain one Word of Love upon my silent lips

I willingly give my eyes, my tongue, my heart



Love, this is how you undo me,

Beautifully and suddenly

Completely and fully

Putting me back together again

In the Light of your eternity

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