variations on dark & lovely

you see me
sun scorched from hustling across city streets
for a hot meal and clean laundry, pelted
by an assault of winter winds that scald
my skin a slab of raw bleeding meat;
I wander alone a labyrinth of urban wilderness
a camouflaged hideaway hiding galaxies behind
carnal construction zones and manicured homes,
slipping between concrete creases crouching
to the sound of alleyway penny drops in puddles
where orphan mouths and bereft secrets
of those who have left blight my soul
in this veiled vineyard,

you see me
shifting flames flicker my darkened mane,
the names of many echo on my porous skin,
and I slip through slivered slices of my darkened
mind a bag lady, a forsaken city of fallen liberty,
a gaunt ghost whose punctured memory seethes
with combat configurations and cannibal fables;
a wandering soul searching beauty in a
galactic battle of slanted lines and dispossessed
lands, a rebel thrice-entwined in betrayal; dark
and full of shadows am I, secret angles and
corners, confoundedly dark, I am
an absurd creaking shadow.

under this visceral veil
volcanoes beckon with fire and water, I taste
the salt that heaven and earth pressed together
awakes, the sweetness that spills from broken
grapes; the weight of your gaze pursues me, and
I know You see me.
your gaze fixes me inside a fire piercing
the sheets of my darkened soul, splinter and
unpeel this alien shell until the crevices unfurl
a montage of conquered terrain, slaying me
with desire, wrapping me in infinite strings
of light lifting the cliffs and depths of this,

I am weaved a Song of Always First Loves.

You sew the galaxies bursting into Your robes;
I watch the boundaries between Your eyes and me melt
a seamless blending of banquet feasts and textured dreams

You see me
Your Love leans into me,
unwinding corners and angles,
You sweep away weeping,
filling fractures with
tectonic refrains of dust and light,
I am crushed a chrysalis of
surrender tenderly exposing
the darkness inside of me and

in Your eyes
I am One who is Lovely

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