Seoul Searching, Part 1

In the Spring of 2013, I began to acutely feel the pull to go to the nations, specifically Korea. The craving for Korea was so deep, I began devouring Korean Dramas--which I had previously never had an interest in. I would lose sleep some nights just to finish watching a drama. I thought I was totally backsliding.... Continue Reading →

When Love Says Go

On February 3, 2017 the Back to Basics Collective put together a concert/fundraiser, When Love Says Go, to support my upcoming longterm missions to Asia. I'd been hashtagging #WhenLoveSaysGo over the past year as I traveled to different countries and cities for ministry and missions, as just a simple statement of--well, wherever God tells me to go,... Continue Reading →


A few months ago I asked a graphic designer friend of mine, Michelle Yejin Kim, to create a logo for me. During the discussion and mood boarding, she asked me, "So...what is Smashed Saint? What does it mean?" I shared with her that "Smashed Saint" carried the story of my redemption. Of how Jesus truly saved me... Continue Reading →

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