From My Journal: Two Pitfalls of Being A Missionary. WATCH OUT!

Missionarygance  [missionary + arrogance]:  conquering, ruling & didactic attitude toward the culture, people, or region you’re sent to. Assumes that you’re wiser, smarter, or somehow spiritually superior to those you’re meant to serve and partner with. Missionarygance most likely has historical/discursive roots in colonization & western imperialism. Results in presumptive & overall donkey-like behavior that can be harmful to building healthy relationships.

Ethnitlement [ethne + entitlement]:  sense of entitlement that breeds laziness or apathy cuz it’s “your culture,” “your people,” or “your motherland.” Concurrent symptoms of ethnitlement may include a noticeable decrease of prayer/intercession, preoccupation with what others are thinking, and an unwillingness to break out of your comfort zones, take risks, or be bold.

STATUS:  Guilty of both. Repented of both. Getting rid of both. Climbing out of the pit, knowing is half the battle.

…to be continued as I continue to learn and grow.

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