poetic bang

the poetry collides and there are so many
pieces, glimpses, whole moments of pure
aching glory…

i want so much more
to be smashed into infinite pieces, to be
another big bang creating a new cosmos
with You the center, You the flame, You the
gravity, You the oxygen, You the comets, You
the hydrogen rain, You all the galaxies that
this heart-shaped universe can contain…

i want so much more
to be smashed into the rhythms of Your Spoken Word
(the ones you cried as they cut into your back);
to learn all the Poetry written on Your page
(the ones inscribed on your hands, feet and brow);
to be the syllables in every line You freestyle
(for freedom’s sake You gave me freedom)
to dip my quill into Your bottle of ink
(my tears you have saved)

to remember the sound of Your heart exploding–
the big bang that created the universe


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