love for lunatics

i want to collect all the broken pieces,
and all the good parts, too, all the
sweet hearts that pass my way,

to gather them all up in my arms
and hold them close until they know
how much i adore their beauty and mess

without any weirdness to kiss the bloody
beating things, excise the question of
twisted intents so it can’t corrupt what we

hold dear, what we hold sacred and pure;
to be bold and enamored enough to look
into the opened inside and be pierced

by love, pierced by the names of His
Fair Ones etched deep like scars across
His back, brow and side–what insanity is this

to die thus for love, to be chained whipped
broken beat butchered carved sliced slashed
slaughtered punctured perforated defiled

to have the heart explode and leak tears,
what lunacy from a lunatic God of Love?
no good but only broken bits can come of this

being pierced and beat for the sake of
His Fair Ones, for the sake of Love, surely
only agony and heartache await…

yet, still.
i can’t help falling in love with you
i just can’t help falling into love,

into inside in within love, walk into it
with alongside together with you next to me;
i can’t help falling in love with you

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