Revolution Is

i want to believe. to know
like i know my name and fist
that it’s possible to change.

to change the structure, the culture,
the apparatus, the skeleton, the bones,
the systems, the processes, the highways

that get us from here to there, that
invisibly determine this or that and
make one rise and the other fall.

to burn the clay pot free from the rust
that runs us ragged, torn and weary
without us even being aware that we’ve

compromised the most noble part of us
for the sake of the status quo or to keep
the peace when it was never our destiny

to keep peace. we were made to make it,
to make peace, to create, to love, to
reproduce and replenish the dream of Eden.

and sometimes a conflict, a stand and yell
is what can create peace and sustain it
because there’s passion in belief and

i want to see the structures crumble,
the cancerous skeleton turn to ash, to
purge the pollutants from the air and

watch the paradigms fall apart. yes things
fall apart, and this time it will be right, holy,
true, this falling apart that i want to believe in cuz

we can’t breathe in the stale air anymore
we can’t drink this recycled water anymore
we can’t eat this regurgitated food anymore
we can’t turn and turn in this widening gyre,

this field of chaotic circles and purposeless
meanderings that only resemble constellations
but have no lift, order, breath, galaxy or light.

i want to know like i know my name and fist
that love can make things fall apart, so

let’s not be afraid to be wild and wrong, to
step over the cliff and believe he’ll give us
wings and a bridge to help us cross over yet

cross over yet into the promise of a new planet
a reality unbound by this or that, theory or fact,
belief or tradition, method or training, because

He broke all the paradigms in the breaking of his
body and bread, the spilling of his blood and wine,
the sweet fragrance of love that filled the universe,

made the angels weep and the heavens rend,
broke the Father’s heart and filled the law that
otherwise empty would’ve condemned us to death, see

Revolution is: in the beginning was the Word,
the Word was with God and the Word was God
so: in the Beginning is Revolution and

Revolution is: fully God and fully Man named
Jesus the anointed Christ, Messiah, Immanuel, the Word become flesh so: Jesus is Revolution

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