The Way You Move Me, pt. 1

I lifted a thought,
Like a shy tendril of new green
Or a slow unfurling of sunrise.

And it was a thought of you.

Up you went, past the crease between my eyes,
Smoothing the frown that shades my brow
Sifting through the queenly streaks on my crown

You flew straight into the film of city-brown fog
Like an arrow shot through the layer that hangs
Around this city of angels like a confused shawl

Above the dustiness of our dreams you lingered
For a moment wondering if thoughts can be limited
Like a special edition, or a curious careless child

And seeing you lingering, wrapped around this city,
Loving us in our innocent and dented intentions
Considering us like a lover gazing at the Adored

A little sigh left my lips like a runaway teen
It followed you up, a cotton-candy puff of hope,
And your lingering turned to thunder and lightning

You streak the sky with your brilliance and crash
Stark and furious, wild and ancient, you ride the skies
And it is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…

The way your desire comes
And, once again,
Steals all of me

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