What He Whispered When I Woke

My bride, my dove, my perfect one

I dream of you in eternity to be

more dazzling than a supernova exploding

in the sweetness of your breathing, I’ll whisper

all the mysteries held in beautiful paradox

and watch them blaze alive in your eyes,

tongue, tears—oh center of my heart!

You sometimes run and hide your face,

fearing the fragrance of my name; but I

just can’t hold back from this embrace,

the press of you under my wing; your

eyes have captivated, your voice so

sweet and lovely, don’t fear disintegrating

into a crimson flame; tender and kind, I’ll

lift you from the ashes like the growing dawn,

as beautiful as a drunken moon, and as raw

as the sun; my bride, my dove, my perfect one

I am Desire that thunders, I’ll have it all

accept nothing less than for you to be

ravished captivated liberated in the

rhythm of Me lightning through you,

I’ll share with only you my glory,

pierce you fierce a supernova exploding,

Come, sweet and yielding, I’ll never violate

force or coerce but I’ll hope, lean and press,

you are my hope and loveliness;

for you I came as a man, lived, bled, died,

resurrected a Lover, for you

my bride, my dove, my perfect one,

don’t run, just stand here with me,

face to face in front of Creation,

you were designed to be,

standing here facing me,

my bride, my dove, my perfect one

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