Eyes to See


figuring it out

to see a person is to love that person

eyes to see are eyes of love,

acceptance, mercy, compassion,

grace, joy, hope and faith.


eyes to see a person is to love that person,

to be completely and irrevocably

in love with the all-ness, fullness and

redeemed brokenness of God’s poem,

God’s masterpiece, God’s dream, the

eternity in that person.


(I see eternity in you, I taste it)


eyes to see are eyes that bless those

upon whom they gaze, bless those

upon whom eyes alight like butterflies &

caress like wind, bless those who would look

into them and find the lover gazing back,

be electrified by the purity and bliss of your fire




inscribe me with

Your cadences &

rhythms, Your


I am one marked

by Your mystery



broken beauty

it was that day (the small

child who was the joy in

his father’s smile, who saw

it unravel into dry echoes

inside empty bottles,

who felt the silence of a closing

door, who grew falling in love with

all things that smelled of outdoors,

who now watches the world with

wavery eyes and bleeding heart,

who believes the joy smiling

back at him), i saw

how beautiful brokenness

could be-how much

sweetness spills forth

from crushed frankincense,

an aroma worthy of a

singular king.

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