On the Day Before I Turned 36

I have so much hair, and a lot that falls out. The bed I’m sleeping on has white sheets white pillow and white blanket and you can very visibly see the azure, lavender, silver, emerald, sienna strands of my hair collecting on the bed and falling to the floor, casually swept to the corners and... Continue Reading →


All my words are spent, these treasures I gathered over the years. I've spent them along with gestures, minutes, ink, and ball point pens. I've only unintelligible whispers and heavy silences, things of a cryptic Slip-through-the-fingers nature left in this chest that once held Glittering rubies, diamonds, gold coins, crowns 'n things... But, oddly, I... Continue Reading →

Forgive Me

for R.L. Sometimes memories hit hard, merciless and cruel, But only because finally they can be honest; Show and tell how things really went down During those days that you were tumbling down Head over heels, but not in selflessness, Rather in a greedy hunger for the things You couldn't wait to hold, seize, take,... Continue Reading →

He takes the angry face moments too

this is my angry face, borne of my angry list of the little insignificant things that have gone wrong in my week, day, and deflated soul that used to be a happy full circle but now is just a dented almost-heart, a crushed oval because the eyes i'm wearing right now suck, they outline all... Continue Reading →

They’ve Seen Better Days

The spirit, downcast, grieves The pulmonary rhythms, crestfallen, fall The tears, saltwater waterfalls And the only metaphors this hand wants to offer Are ones that fall like gravity pulling

A Peculiar Cloud

the way I hold sorrow nowadays is released in songs and quietness; it's edged with exhaustion and undercurrented with peace it's a peculiar silver-lined cloud i've not preferred the loud wails and epic thunder- storms, hurricanes, floods for quite some time now, prefer a more moderate climate to weather these worries and woes don't let... Continue Reading →

Unstopped Life

It's strange to taste feel smell see hear Perceive with every fiber and atom that Life, life surely goes on, the earth twirls Drunken tilting on its axis a flirtatious Ballet around the sun barely containing Its stellar fury and magnificence... A grand theater unfolds in the quiet Of this or that thought, tear, punctured... Continue Reading →

Poetic & Rhetoric

Words Elude me When writing For something Truly poetic like The life of a father But trapped inside Sentences and strange Rhetoric that mar my Mind like an apple bruise Makes me glare at Poetry That constant friend who In this moment shrugs Shakes her head sadly Helpless except to soothe Me in this moment... Continue Reading →

quite simply

sometimes we don't want to be anyone's hero, not even our own or our future children's children it's not for want of large hearts, or wells of bravery and nobility, or the stubbornness of faith-- no. these we have in unending supply, though some would have us believe they are scarce and dry yes. catastrophes... Continue Reading →

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