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  • Follow Me

    Confession: I really identify with Peter’s denial.   Jesus: Where I’m going now, you can’t follow. But you will later. Peter: Why can’t I follow you? I’d die for you! Jesus: Really? Bro, you’re actually going to deny me not once, not twice, but three          times…in a few hours as a matter […]

  • The Wilderness, Still? Seriously?

    The story of Moses and the Israelites’ journey out of Egypt is one of my favorite in the Old Testament. I love and honor Moses, weaknesses and strengths and all. I love and appreciate the Israelites, even though they kind of really dropped the ball multiple times (golden calf, not killing the giants, rebelling against […]

  • Forgotten Lines Not Forgotten

    The “doh!” moment of forgetting some of the most important lines of a spoken word piece that you’ve shared dozens of times before but just happened to brain fart on THIS time–that moment happened to me a couple nights ago. So, here are the lines, slightly out of context but nonetheless remembered and not forgotten: […]