From My Journal: Two Pitfalls of Being A Missionary. WATCH OUT!

Missionarygance  [missionary + arrogance]:  conquering, ruling & didactic attitude toward the culture, people, or region you're sent to. Assumes that you're wiser, smarter, or somehow spiritually superior to those you're meant to serve and partner with. Missionarygance most likely has historical/discursive roots in colonization & western imperialism. Results in presumptive & overall donkey-like behavior that can be harmful to building... Continue Reading →

August 19, 1:32pm, Tucson AZ

but, what if you hadn’t walked into that space? only you could have left that imprint as you sat there, still and free enjoying your mug of coffee pressing pause, giving thanks long after you left the gray metal seat & the yellow cushion that clung to your back, the fan that sent its tendrils... Continue Reading →


Panorama:   a complete view from pan- [all] + horama [Gk. sight, spectacle, that which is seen; from horan, to look, see] // I've been thinking about blind spots. We all have them--if we're humble enough to admit. We live inside opaque walls (God-forbid you see through me), But our intimate souls crave close-ups; our brilliant intellects chase microscopic analysis, deconstruct &... Continue Reading →

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