Je Louse

Je Louse is a very irritating parasite. i despise it. hate it. want it to die. Je Louse is more commonly known as "Jealousy." rhymes with smellousy. makes me have a pained, constipated, abhorred, lifeless facial expression like this: makes me cringe, creak, crack, squint and otherwise be very unladylike like this: now that we've... Continue Reading →

Farewell, Ducks

Roadkill. Everyday thousands of drivers zoom along their days on crowded highways, perhaps only faintly registering the splatter of tissue, fur, feathers, talons, meat, and blood. Always blood. Blood stains our highways like urban sacrifices, but many of us have become so used to the idea on a subconscious level--for some it may be more... Continue Reading →

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