DTRs: ugh, longest post EVER

because relationships are such a TOUCHY subject, HS advised me to preempt this post with a disclaimer. so here is the disclaimer: Disclaimer: In the following post, I am not in any way trying to represent myself as an expert or final authority on relationships, men, or women. All the views expressed in this post are... Continue Reading →

Unconditional Love You

According to the dictionary given to me by Holy Spirit, the following is the entry on Unconditional Love: Unconditional Love is not merely loving another no matter what condition they are in or what the situation is, but truly loving unconditionally means choosing love-as-a-verb no matter OUR OWN CONDITION. The following was my face when... Continue Reading →


when it rears its head and covers your loveliness, the heart inside burns to witness this repeated brokenness and i'm caught between compassion and rage--one for us and one for it--to have so pure a thing like you and me be tainted with such a pettiness unbecoming of kings and queens

Choice Breaks Chains

I think there's no bigger wild card in the entirety of existence than this small little gift from God Who is Love: free will. If we think about it, free will is some super wild craziness. So here's my 12-point manifesto on the superwildcraziness of free will. Point 1: God is Smart God, in all... Continue Reading →

Bananas For You

i love that bananas are not yet extinct or i would have missed the tender shouting of your love worn like a seal on the thick green-golden skin of such sweet fruit

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