God is excellent. Everything about Him is excellent. There is no flaw, no imperfection, no loose screw, no minor crack, no darkness, no inconstancy, no mistake in Him. He is good, 올바른, perfecto, zen, excellent. 2 Peter 1:3-4 says that this very same perfect God has called us to His own glory and excellence, given... Continue Reading →

the perfect image

looking under rocks, rubble and falling towers for what it means to be heroic wondering: perhaps perfection isn't orderly nor sanitized, not to be found in the cleaned-up thing but its beauty, a perfect Beauty, is the weak cry of defiant life stubbornly resisting extinction. perhaps: heroes are made from the glimmering shards of broken... Continue Reading →


Love you Set free Birthing Space Like orbits And galaxies To encompass This exquisite peace

The H-pill

I've never loved the word humility cuz it just scared, bored or confused me. In the back of my mind, I equated it with being a pussy. Yea yea gasp at my inappropriate language. But forreal. In my stupid thick pride, I had a small voice saying that humility wasn't all that deep, that it... Continue Reading →

Spirit of Settiasos

Who is Settiasos? First let me share with you what a conversation with Settiasos might sound like: Example 1 Anon: I don't understand why So-and-So straight up just lied to my face about not returning my phone call. Settiasos: Mmm...it's probably because So-and-So suffers from a Spirit of Unreciprocation and a Spirit of Lying. Anon:... Continue Reading →

Emo Girlfriend Has/Needs a Cheerleader

real events: not my best moment(s) i totally cursed a police officer a couple Sundays ago. he ticketed me for yielding too tardily at one of those ridiculous "left turn ok on yellow but yield when it's flashing yellow" confusing traffic lights that just end up creating a big ol' tangled web of "let's try... Continue Reading →

nudity, part deux

It takes two to tango. We’ve heard this before, and it makes sense. You can’t dance a dance meant for two people with only one person. (Yes, I am brilliant.) Which leads me to my next question, which is actually part 2 of my hypothesis about nudity: Does it take two to be nude? Alright,... Continue Reading →

He takes the angry face moments too

this is my angry face, borne of my angry list of the little insignificant things that have gone wrong in my week, day, and deflated soul that used to be a happy full circle but now is just a dented almost-heart, a crushed oval because the eyes i'm wearing right now suck, they outline all... Continue Reading →

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