nudity, part one

Have you ever had that nightmare—you know, the one in which you are standing in your underwear or completely naked in front of your classroom, school bus, auditorium, coworkers, the subway, walking on a crowded busy street, or [insert any large group of people in a very public situation]? Remember that feeling of standing uncovered... Continue Reading →

They’ve Seen Better Days

The spirit, downcast, grieves The pulmonary rhythms, crestfallen, fall The tears, saltwater waterfalls And the only metaphors this hand wants to offer Are ones that fall like gravity pulling

poetic bang

the poetry collides and there are so many pieces, glimpses, whole moments of pure aching glory... i want so much more to be smashed into infinite pieces, to be another big bang creating a new cosmos with You the center, You the flame, You the gravity, You the oxygen, You the comets, You the hydrogen... Continue Reading →

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