originally #2 was going to be about nudity, but in the middle of working on that, HS got me musing on the appropriateness of the phrase, "shut the eff up," which we will affectionately from this point forward refer to as STEU. so, during which moments in our lives--or in what conditions and situations of... Continue Reading →


when we don't trust, we get just plain weird. and do weird things. by this i mean-- I. i don't trust you to accept me as i am, so i overextend myself to live up to what i perceive are your expectations and definitions of "awesome." II. i don't trust you to tell me the... Continue Reading →

the beautiful wounds

there are battles everyday, small medium and large, that can stain, bruise, cut and scar our skin, memories, hands and hearts; some of these are more lasting, while others less inclined to be so insistent, less likely to remain after the battle has long ended. i care less for these less stubborn scars, these fast... Continue Reading →

When Did I Forget Eden

It used to be so simple. I used to see it B&W. Love, and keep loving. Make it a daily choice. Sometimes I would border on utter stupidity, absurd blindness and ridiculous doormat-ism. Twisted loyalty and obsessive devotion, perhaps. But then the pendulum started swinging and I went a little too far back behind walls... Continue Reading →

Fire Blossoms

for Daisy Life glitters before her like gold, true, While around these messy patterns and haphazard days is a chrysalis of silken Promises, cocooning her, keeping her; It is creation’s lullaby and awakening. His voice is in the wind, the daring noon Sky, and the resting twilight; He whispers secrets into the pathways of her... Continue Reading →

More Zoe Everyday

On the TV screen Inside Pho America Words flash... RESTORING THE AMERICAN DREAM: HOW TO INNOVATE And just like that, His Warm Whispers... I'm alive, I'm alive. Let's dream, you and I. You're alive, you're alive, C'mon baby follow me, Let's create, you and I.

when i witness

for DDK the way He moves your heart and captivates your soul the way you allow for the breaking open, make room for sorrow and oceans, exhilaration and flight, all in a single breath or string of words and glimmering eye; the way you are both young and old, innocent and wise, daring yet careful... Continue Reading →

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