Unstopped Life

It's strange to taste feel smell see hear Perceive with every fiber and atom that Life, life surely goes on, the earth twirls Drunken tilting on its axis a flirtatious Ballet around the sun barely containing Its stellar fury and magnificence... A grand theater unfolds in the quiet Of this or that thought, tear, punctured... Continue Reading →


the Word became Flesh and the world became fresh (in lesser moments of greatness it's easy to forget) my woes became blessed

Poetic & Rhetoric

Words Elude me When writing For something Truly poetic like The life of a father But trapped inside Sentences and strange Rhetoric that mar my Mind like an apple bruise Makes me glare at Poetry That constant friend who In this moment shrugs Shakes her head sadly Helpless except to soothe Me in this moment... Continue Reading →

quite simply

sometimes we don't want to be anyone's hero, not even our own or our future children's children it's not for want of large hearts, or wells of bravery and nobility, or the stubbornness of faith-- no. these we have in unending supply, though some would have us believe they are scarce and dry yes. catastrophes... Continue Reading →

Still (a song)

for apa though the world be shaking and my heart be breaking i'll still still believe in You though these walls are closing in and my soul be imprisoned in solitary, i'll still still believe in You when my eyes begin to fail me and my mind tries to go blind with the pain of feeling... Continue Reading →

The Scientist & the Seer

for Uncle Walter* There are moments of simple wonder when I believe That constellations can be contained inside our eyes, That comets can wrap around our brows like ribbon And fly out our mouths like laughter, There are moments of verdant courage when I believe That nobility and knighthood can never die, That death cannot... Continue Reading →

Bones and DNA, pt. 1

I hold my breath to have you so near Don't want to lose this moment It's like holding sapphire inside my lungs Then I remember you are always here Always near, even if I let out this Breath, you are closer clear closer So I breathe you in, I breathe you out And all around... Continue Reading →

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