Revolution Is

i want to believe. to know like i know my name and fist that it's possible to change. to change the structure, the culture, the apparatus, the skeleton, the bones, the systems, the processes, the highways that get us from here to there, that invisibly determine this or that and make one rise and the... Continue Reading →

the reason why i do the things i do

you've carved my heart with love engraved your fingerprints onto my breath soaked your sweetness into my skin; and every movement, every thought is captivated you exude everything i am and do together let's discover all the ways the world can grab your beauty, your truth, your words; the reality of your fiery eyes can... Continue Reading →

falling in love

  falling in love is not just for lovers of the honeymoon kind, the high school sweethearts or courting kings and queens kind--   but we can fall into love with all of us: the way five crowd a sidewalk street on a sunny day, or sit in an unworthy cafe just to bask in... Continue Reading →

the eyes

they cannot lie when you look down, away to the side, avoiding mine they cannot lie when you look straight, an arrow ablaze, lit, unfurling to mine they tell a story tragic or beautiful and i can fall in love or walk the other way because blindness was never my lot

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