Sometimes I'm loud Sometimes I'm quiet Sometimes I'm the night A laughing disco ball spinning With glittering funk soul sistahs Sometimes I'm the dawn An expansive flight of light Sweetly soaking the tired night

Keep Me

If I begin to morph and mutate Into a conglomeration and collage Of all the things I never wanted to be-- A ball of Emo hiding in a back alley A slicing scream secluded in a silver haze A swerving erratic line of up and down-- Remind me again to breathe you in, Drink in... Continue Reading →

To Kiss the World

I longed to kiss the world, or perhaps cup the lovely broken pieces (some call them nations, others say they're countries) in my palm and smooth them like I would a newborn pup or a yellow hatchling, hold onto them like I would a dreamy whisper the color of a shy sunrise If I asked... Continue Reading →

The Noble Infinity

Time grows in my belly A sweet secret swelling Highlighting the Noble Infinity That longs inside me. And it is a pure longing, A raw agony, An exquisite sorrow Of naked fire, naked Untouched by survival and strife. It is a precise movement, Desire That only creates and never destroys. A pain unadulterated by Death,... Continue Reading →


Love you Set free Birthing Space Like orbits And galaxies To encompass This exquisite peace And the false ones Fall to the ground Discarded and lovely In their expiration Their purpose--to fall Silent in the Face of Love-- Having been fulfilled Love You Set Free

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